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Liverpool Lads Tranverse Four Continents
On 6 August 1968, five young Liverpool men were farewelled by a large group consisting of  family, friends and wellwishers at the 'Legs of Man' hotel near the Empire Theatre before setting off on an epic journey to tranverse four continents by LandRover. 
The Expedition was led by soldiers of the Parachute Regiment from Liverpool detachment pictured above: John Proffitt,John Doran,John Bate with key support members Victor Parkinson & Tom McCormack


'Pegasus Overland Expedition'

In addition to public highways and travel across stretches of ocean, Pegasus Overland Expedition travelled over 10,000klm on unsealed track during its journey. Extreme weather conditions were encountered along the way, including an earthquake in Turkey, a monsoon storm and tsunami in East India resulting in the aftermath of disaster flooding in the area.


Long wheel base (L.W.B) LandRover used on Expedition



The Liverpool men visited 18 countries along the way before returning to the United Kingdom.

It was romance for four of the five men that left the UK with them meeting their future brides on their travels.


Pegasus Overland Expedition News Article

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